Developing Inclusive and Resilient Leaders

In this training, we discuss the qualities of an inclusive and resilient leader, and the steps every leader should take to establish an inclusive work environment.

In This Training You Will Learn...

  • Live the values: your company values and mission are a reflection of the work environment you want to create. Revisit your company values and verify that these are being implemented.

  • Build awareness: Have a courageous conversation with your team about inclusion. What does it look like to be inclusive?

  • Communicate it: Establish a communication strategy with your team. Take into consideration what you want to communicate, how you want to communicate it, and who is the best person to communicate it.

  • Support it: Have a plan of support for your team and continue educating yourself.

  • Measure it: To guarantee success, an inclusive leader must establish a way to hold the team accountable and value feedback.

Karen Hinds

Webinar Trainer

Karen Hinds is a leadership and diversity and inclusion expert. She used her experience in building talent pipelines for financial services companies to launch her company over 20 years ago. Workplace Success Group is a strategic, talent development firm that works with organizations to cultivate and retain their next generation of leaders. Through her work with the Caribbean Development Bank and Dods Training from the United Kingdom, Karen has facilitated leadership programs with government leaders from 19 the Caribbean and South American nations.

Maria Keckler

Webinar Trainer

Maria Keckler has dedicated herself to helping leaders and teams communicate with clarity and impact for almost 20 years. A skilled communicator and trusted advisor to executive leaders across the United States, Mexico, and Europe, she is highly esteemed for her ability to offer strategic and practical solutions grounded in research and experience. Maria has a knack for capturing executive voice and transforming communication barriers into opportunities for productive dialogue and collaboration. 

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